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Car shot in Memphis, but police don’t have time to hear it…

A friend sent me this note, about a car being shot in Memphis Tn. Apparently the police don’t have time for petty crimes such as this. Here’s the note from her, along with a picture. Subject: Shot on North Parkway yesterday See the attached photo. I was driving home from work on North Parkway yesterday [...]

Torque Tube tail on mini helicopter modification

I ran across this a few weeks ago and was really impressed with the effort and quality of workmanship. Moving the motor in to the frame got the cg where it needed to be. Now the machine piro flips w/out stutter at the tail. SO, by moving the mass of the tail motor to the [...]

I picked up this tiny 15 liter ckickity China knock off, for $22 bucks.

Main compartment is 16.5″ x 10″ x 4″ secondary is 15″ x 8.5″ x 2.25″ plus the 2 smaller external pouches on the front. all the existing compartments have internal pouches to compartmentalize smaller stuff. and not alot, but more than a few of the straps to attach any standard alice pack accessories I has [...]

Night Blooming Cereus – A flower for a day

The Night Blooming Cereus, also spelled Cyrus is an interesting plant. Once a year, the plant develops blooms in early September. The blooms take about one month to mature, usually showing 5-10 blooms per plant. The blooms themselves are around 8″ across on this particular plant, but there are larger varieties.  See more on this [...]

Secret iPhone codes for AT&T and apple

Just thought I’d take a second to list out some cool codes you can use on  your Apple iPhone to get an inside look at what’s going on with the phone. Most notable is the “Field Test Mode” *3001#12345#*.  Just type this in your phone screen and press call.  You will be taken to the field test [...]

Continued approximation instances – Sabrett hot dog 50 pack

Toshiba’s challenges with “approximation” are not theirs alone.  Recently I procured a 50 pack of Sabrett beef hot dogs.  A 50 pack to be specific.  However, looking at the “Servings” language on the package, they have curiously added the word “about”.  “Serving size 1 frank 46G.  Servings about 50″. Apparently packaging exact quantities of Sabrett [...]

Toshiba TV dimensions are only “approximate”

Just left a buddies house that got a new 48″ Toshiba flat panel TV.   Many potential buyers would be concerned about the outside dimensions of a TV like this if they planned to place it in furniture or other constrained areas.   If you fall into that category, you’ll just have to take your chances with [...]

Solved Direct TV error code 0704 iPhone application – technical difficulties

We thought we’d found a real Gigawidget here.  The DirectTV iphone app looked promising and easy to use.  So I downloaded the DirectTV iphone application and get the common 0704 error when the application runs.   The error states technical difficulties.   Great!  It goes on to say “No local zip code was found for this account.”  [...]

3 Reasons Gigawidget Inc. fired Comcast today

First I’ll say that this decision was based entirely on customer service.  What made the decision to fire Comcast a little more difficult is that I had little complaint on the actual service. Strike 1 – Comcast billed for work not done When the service was first installed the TV service, the Comcast technician decided [...]

Portable DVD Player converted to xbox preview monitor

Over the weekend, I decided to see what could be done with an old, non working portable DVD player made by Polaroid.  I’ve been needing a preview monitor for viewing content and playlist via my networked xbox. The teardown went pretty smoothly.  Once disassembled, I removed the dvd drive, com board, power cables, audio system [...]