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New fish tank headed my way…

and this one’s got a gigawidget located underneath!  It’s called a Protein Skimmer to be exact.  I’ve been reading about them for several years now, and it seems to be the de-facto standard in reef keeping these days.   Also called foam fractionating, the process involves creating LOTS of tiny bubbles and passing them up thru [...]

King Harald’s “pairing” legacy paves the way for HID’s

When King Harald “paired” Denmark, Norway and Sweden under one kingdom, he could not have imagined the legend he created for himself. Today, King Harald Bluetooth Gormson is a household name…at least his middle name is. That pairing, circa 970, firmly imprinted his page in history. Today, Bluetooth has matured thru several iterations to the [...]

Seeking Pictures of GigaWidgets in this world

I’ve decided to start collecting pictures of GigaWidgets I run across, and am asking for help from all of you “surfers” as well. Send me what you’ve got, along w/ a short description of the GigaWidget, where you found it, and what it does. Good Times ahead, Squirrel

Google Analytics vs. Other Statistical Packages

Not really a conversation about GigaWidgets, but…Lately, I’ve been asked by several people why Google Analytics shows different data than “other” analytics packages. This is a good question, and there are multiple reasons why this would occur. First, let me say that I did not realize wold was a word, until I mistyped “would” above, [...]

Is the BMW X3 (E83) compatible with the Apple IPhone

This question comes about as a friend of mine owns a BMW X3 and Apple IPhone, and is having a some issues with his set-up. In short, it appears the answer is NO. I’m not going to spend alot of time on this, but the short of it goes like this. While only an issue [...]

John Kanzius QSO w/ non evasive Cancer Treatment

Apparently, you can communicate with cancer cells on the standard calling frequency of 13.56MHz (jk) 60 Minutes aired a special last night on John Kanzius (a HAM friend) and his work on non evasive cancer treatment. It appears he may really be on to something! Not new news for ARRL members. See the Feb 08 [...]

Cell phones on airplanes – Why does the FAA not change the regulations?

I was on 4 planes in the past week and began to really think about why the FAA does not allow cell phones on airplanes. As the flight attendant went thru her normal spiel about what can and cannot be used, the folks behind me began to have a heated discussion about the dangers of [...]

Winderze – Windows Mobile PC ICS and DUN

As I don’t run a Windows workstation day to day, this issue was not readily apparent to me. It seems that the technology shift from AT Command strings to Ethernet involved with the 3G Protocol has caused quiet a stir with DUN users. Windows Mobile DUN discussions. As you see further down in the responses, [...]

APRS on the road

Well, over the weekend, I took my APRS GPS THD7 conglomeration on the road with me to Nashville, out of Memphis. What I first noticed is that the range of our local repeater system has limited use with an HT (handheld) Not so surprising, but I wish it wasn’t the case. I’m going to have [...]

Tracking Gigawidget

Here’s an old concept re-instituted. This past weekend I pulled my THD-7 out of storage, along with the Garmin GPS and made some cables. To do what you ask… We’ll, the D-7 has a built in TNC. This means it can parse data input from a serial device and modulate it over the 2 meter [...]