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Harlequin Shrimp on the hunt for Chocolate Chip Starfish

Pictures replaced by post above. Today, our Gigawidget award goes to a shrimp.  A Harlequin shrimp to be precise.  All 1.25 inches of him.  This specimen has been in the tank for around 5 months, and “handled” 4 other starfish.  Each without too much trouble.  He has molted twice, in this tank. Pictures below are [...]

Split Testing Adwords ads – The easy way

If you’ve done ever run and adwords  campaign, then you know what a pain split testing can be!  I’ve spent many an hour reviewing statistics in campaigns, determining well performing ads and setting reminders to come back and check these ads later, after they’ve gotten some traffic. While surfing the net several weeks ago, I [...]

Obfuscation in Code – Gigawidget Modules

When it comes to binary code used to hand out instruction sets to other processors or PROM’s, sometimes a special form of obfuscation is implemented to protect the code or technology being dealt with from being reverse engineered.  This type of obfuscation used in code is called Gigawidget modules.  The purpose of these modules is [...]

Gigawidget Synonyms

Well, I figured I’d take just a second to list some of the common synonyms for Gigawidget.  Here we go… Contraption Doodad and variants doohickey and doomaflobber Gismo and Gizmo (either spelling is actually correct) Thingamabob and the variant Thigamajig Whatchamacallit and the rarely used Whatchamathingaflobber As always, Send ‘em if you got’em. Thanks, Squirrel

Microcontroller for my Reef Tank and Big Green Egg

With the progressive cost reduction in manufacturing and efficiencies in production, we have options for controlling things around the house that just were not available 10 years ago.  For instance, did your Dad have a MicroLogix 1500 PLC connected to his BBQ grill?  Did your brother have a SLC 500 Programmable Logic Controller connected to [...]

Moon Lights on Reef tank

I want to thank everyone who has sent contributions for the new site.  We will post coverage of your projects in the weeks to come.  Now on to the Moonlights. As I work most of the day, I’m not around to see me tank w/ the lights on.  I could adjust the times to run [...]

Mini Refugium

Well, more of the tank saga.  Yesterday I completed my mini refugium.  First, for those that don’t know, let me explain what a refugium is supposed to do.  Basically, it’s a separate tank tied to the main display tank that houses macro algae(if you want) and micro-organisms that help break down nitrates and phosphates. Not [...]

How to use NoIndex, NoFollow and robots.txt with SE’s

Today, The GWI will award Google, Inc. the Gigawidget award. While I’ve been following Google’s development of search engine techniques over the yearI’ve been reading about how to use various meta and robots.txt files in correctly. What I’ve learned is that today, due to abuse and the desire for advanced “results”, these “commands” don’t mean [...]

OverFlow Gigawidget

Well, as I said in an earlier post, I got a new tank.  It’s a 95G Reef tank, and it came with alot of new components.  One of which is an OverFlow Box.  This little guy sits on the back of the tank, half in and half out.  Basically, it drains water out of the [...]

New fish tank headed my way…

and this one’s got a gigawidget located underneath!  It’s called a Protein Skimmer to be exact.  I’ve been reading about them for several years now, and it seems to be the de-facto standard in reef keeping these days.   Also called foam fractionating, the process involves creating LOTS of tiny bubbles and passing them up thru [...]