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Android subject to Near Field Communications Hack – Not Apple!

Many of you already know about the constant feud that goes on related to Android versus Apple hardware around here. While the conversation mostly centers around the ecosystem that Apple has developed, it sometimes strays into the nuances between the two companies as it relates to music management, engineering and physical design. This installment includes [...]

Get yourself one of these ridiculously powerful magnets

We had a project going on where we need to mount some antenna to the top of a water tower, and penetration is not allowed. While researching options for mounting with magnets, I’ve ran across a very powerful magnet. This magnet I was just reviewing has some very extremely impressive specifications. Dimensions: 4″ x 4″ [...]

Portable DVD Player converted to xbox preview monitor

Over the weekend, I decided to see what could be done with an old, non working portable DVD player made by Polaroid.  I’ve been needing a preview monitor for viewing content and playlist via my networked xbox. The teardown went pretty smoothly.  Once disassembled, I removed the dvd drive, com board, power cables, audio system [...]

Harlequin Shrimp on the hunt for Chocolate Chip Starfish

Pictures replaced by post above. Today, our Gigawidget award goes to a shrimp.  A Harlequin shrimp to be precise.  All 1.25 inches of him.  This specimen has been in the tank for around 5 months, and “handled” 4 other starfish.  Each without too much trouble.  He has molted twice, in this tank. Pictures below are [...]

Google Quality Score – Guidelines for Quality Raters

Guidelines for Quality RatersThis has post is about Google, the unequivocal king of Gigawidgets.  This post is a first for us.  We’re naming the attached document a Gigawidget.  And with good reason.  Keep reading. While this document has been floating around the net w/ Black Hat SEO groups for several months, only recently has it [...]

Seeking Pictures of GigaWidgets in this world

I’ve decided to start collecting pictures of GigaWidgets I run across, and am asking for help from all of you “surfers” as well. Send me what you’ve got, along w/ a short description of the GigaWidget, where you found it, and what it does. Good Times ahead, Squirrel

John Kanzius QSO w/ non evasive Cancer Treatment

Apparently, you can communicate with cancer cells on the standard calling frequency of 13.56MHz (jk) 60 Minutes aired a special last night on John Kanzius (a HAM friend) and his work on non evasive cancer treatment. It appears he may really be on to something! Not new news for ARRL members. See the Feb 08 [...]

APRS on the road

Well, over the weekend, I took my APRS GPS THD7 conglomeration on the road with me to Nashville, out of Memphis. What I first noticed is that the range of our local repeater system has limited use with an HT (handheld) Not so surprising, but I wish it wasn’t the case. I’m going to have [...]

Tracking Gigawidget

Here’s an old concept re-instituted. This past weekend I pulled my THD-7 out of storage, along with the Garmin GPS and made some cables. To do what you ask… We’ll, the D-7 has a built in TNC. This means it can parse data input from a serial device and modulate it over the 2 meter [...]

iPod Extension cable

Ran across this Cable today which is a good solution for those looking to keep the iPod in your protective case and use a dock or other accessory. Have not gotten my hands on one yet, but it appears to be a standard connector. Searching later on.