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What is the best wireless router for home use?

Well, one of the guys showed up to the last meeting with a very troubling situation. His wireless router at home died and he came to the meeting looking for help and consultation on what type of router to replace it with. One thing let to another and…well you know the rest. Here’s a few [...]

Why the iPad works poorly in enterprise environments

The Gartner Group says that “Without Proper Planning, Enterprises deploying iPads will need 300% more Wi-Fi.” Basically, due to the mobility and lower omit and receive power levels, the iPad is somewhat deaf. Due to the fact that there are no standards for implementing Wi-Fi in mobility devices, the problem is exasurbated. Best practice at [...]

Secret iPhone codes for AT&T and apple

Just thought I’d take a second to list out some cool codes you can use on  your Apple iPhone to get an inside look at what’s going on with the phone. Most notable is the “Field Test Mode” *3001#12345#*.  Just type this in your phone screen and press call.  You will be taken to the field test [...]

Continued approximation instances – Sabrett hot dog 50 pack

Toshiba’s challenges with “approximation” are not theirs alone.  Recently I procured a 50 pack of Sabrett beef hot dogs.  A 50 pack to be specific.  However, looking at the “Servings” language on the package, they have curiously added the word “about”.  “Serving size 1 frank 46G.  Servings about 50″. Apparently packaging exact quantities of Sabrett [...]

Toshiba TV dimensions are only “approximate”

Just left a buddies house that got a new 48″ Toshiba flat panel TV.   Many potential buyers would be concerned about the outside dimensions of a TV like this if they planned to place it in furniture or other constrained areas.   If you fall into that category, you’ll just have to take your chances with [...]

Solved Direct TV error code 0704 iPhone application – technical difficulties

We thought we’d found a real Gigawidget here.  The DirectTV iphone app looked promising and easy to use.  So I downloaded the DirectTV iphone application and get the common 0704 error when the application runs.   The error states technical difficulties.   Great!  It goes on to say “No local zip code was found for this account.”  [...]

3 Reasons Gigawidget Inc. fired Comcast today

First I’ll say that this decision was based entirely on customer service.  What made the decision to fire Comcast a little more difficult is that I had little complaint on the actual service. Strike 1 – Comcast billed for work not done When the service was first installed the TV service, the Comcast technician decided [...]

Google Analytics vs. Other Statistical Packages

Not really a conversation about GigaWidgets, but…Lately, I’ve been asked by several people why Google Analytics shows different data than “other” analytics packages. This is a good question, and there are multiple reasons why this would occur. First, let me say that I did not realize wold was a word, until I mistyped “would” above, [...]

Is the BMW X3 (E83) compatible with the Apple IPhone

This question comes about as a friend of mine owns a BMW X3 and Apple IPhone, and is having a some issues with his set-up. In short, it appears the answer is NO. I’m not going to spend alot of time on this, but the short of it goes like this. While only an issue [...]

Cell phones on airplanes – Why does the FAA not change the regulations?

I was on 4 planes in the past week and began to really think about why the FAA does not allow cell phones on airplanes. As the flight attendant went thru her normal spiel about what can and cannot be used, the folks behind me began to have a heated discussion about the dangers of [...]