Monthly Archives: March 2008

APRS on the road

Well, over the weekend, I took my APRS GPS THD7 conglomeration on the road with me to Nashville, out of Memphis. What I first noticed is that the range of our local repeater system has limited use with an HT (handheld) Not so surprising, but I wish it wasn’t the case. I’m going to have [...]

Tracking Gigawidget

Here’s an old concept re-instituted. This past weekend I pulled my THD-7 out of storage, along with the Garmin GPS and made some cables. To do what you ask… We’ll, the D-7 has a built in TNC. This means it can parse data input from a serial device and modulate it over the 2 meter [...]

iPod Extension cable

Ran across this Cable today which is a good solution for those looking to keep the iPod in your protective case and use a dock or other accessory. Have not gotten my hands on one yet, but it appears to be a standard connector. Searching later on.

iPod extension cable for dock and other

How many of you put protective cases on your iPod, and then remove the case to use your nice Bose dock as it won’t make connections with the case on. Here’s a solution for the “iPod case dock” problem. Buy the following connectors, Male SMD and Female SMD and get your soldiering iron set up [...]

A place to dicuss widgets, big and small

Over time, the term Gigawidget has been used to define most all things. Generally speaking, it is used as a term of obfuscation, when the true definition of composition of the “subject” is unknown. Here, I will cover information and references to Gigawidget’s I’ve found on the net. If it’s cool, unique, especially useful or [...]