Monthly Archives: August 2008

Mini Refugium

Well, more of the tank saga.  Yesterday I completed my mini refugium.  First, for those that don’t know, let me explain what a refugium is supposed to do.  Basically, it’s a separate tank tied to the main display tank that houses macro algae(if you want) and micro-organisms that help break down nitrates and phosphates. Not [...]

How to use NoIndex, NoFollow and robots.txt with SE’s

Today, The GWI will award Google, Inc. the Gigawidget award. While I’ve been following Google’s development of search engine techniques over the yearI’ve been reading about how to use various meta and robots.txt files in correctly. What I’ve learned is that today, due to abuse and the desire for advanced “results”, these “commands” don’t mean [...]

OverFlow Gigawidget

Well, as I said in an earlier post, I got a new tank.  It’s a 95G Reef tank, and it came with alot of new components.  One of which is an OverFlow Box.  This little guy sits on the back of the tank, half in and half out.  Basically, it drains water out of the [...]