Monthly Archives: October 2008

Gigawidget Synonyms

Well, I figured I’d take just a second to list some of the common synonyms for Gigawidget.  Here we go… Contraption Doodad and variants doohickey and doomaflobber Gismo and Gizmo (either spelling is actually correct) Thingamabob and the variant Thigamajig Whatchamacallit and the rarely used Whatchamathingaflobber As always, Send ‘em if you got’em. Thanks, Squirrel

Microcontroller for my Reef Tank and Big Green Egg

With the progressive cost reduction in manufacturing and efficiencies in production, we have options for controlling things around the house that just were not available 10 years ago.  For instance, did your Dad have a MicroLogix 1500 PLC connected to his BBQ grill?  Did your brother have a SLC 500 Programmable Logic Controller connected to [...]