Monthly Archives: November 2008

Google Quality Score – Guidelines for Quality Raters

Guidelines for Quality RatersThis has post is about Google, the unequivocal king of Gigawidgets.  This post is a first for us.  We’re naming the attached document a Gigawidget.  And with good reason.  Keep reading. While this document has been floating around the net w/ Black Hat SEO groups for several months, only recently has it [...]

Split Testing Adwords ads – The easy way

If you’ve done ever run and adwords  campaign, then you know what a pain split testing can be!  I’ve spent many an hour reviewing statistics in campaigns, determining well performing ads and setting reminders to come back and check these ads later, after they’ve gotten some traffic. While surfing the net several weeks ago, I [...]

Obfuscation in Code – Gigawidget Modules

When it comes to binary code used to hand out instruction sets to other processors or PROM’s, sometimes a special form of obfuscation is implemented to protect the code or technology being dealt with from being reverse engineered.  This type of obfuscation used in code is called Gigawidget modules.  The purpose of these modules is [...]