Monthly Archives: March 2010

Continued approximation instances – Sabrett hot dog 50 pack

Toshiba’s challenges with “approximation” are not theirs alone.  Recently I procured a 50 pack of Sabrett beef hot dogs.  A 50 pack to be specific.  However, looking at the “Servings” language on the package, they have curiously added the word “about”.  “Serving size 1 frank 46G.  Servings about 50″. Apparently packaging exact quantities of Sabrett [...]

Toshiba TV dimensions are only “approximate”

Just left a buddies house that got a new 48″ Toshiba flat panel TV.   Many potential buyers would be concerned about the outside dimensions of a TV like this if they planned to place it in furniture or other constrained areas.   If you fall into that category, you’ll just have to take your chances with [...]