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Android subject to Near Field Communications Hack – Not Apple!

Many of you already know about the constant feud that goes on related to Android versus Apple hardware around here. While the conversation mostly centers around the ecosystem that Apple has developed, it sometimes strays into the nuances between the two companies as it relates to music management, engineering and physical design. This installment includes [...]

Get yourself one of these ridiculously powerful magnets

We had a project going on where we need to mount some antenna to the top of a water tower, and penetration is not allowed. While researching options for mounting with magnets, I’ve ran across a very powerful magnet. This magnet I was just reviewing has some very extremely impressive specifications. Dimensions: 4″ x 4″ [...]

Good news from Wisconsin…if you’re a Republican?!

Like our last several post, here’s some back and forth from a conversation ——————————————————————————— – Republican Gov. Scott Walker survives Recall Election. This election has been touted as a test case for the national elections in Nov. This affirmation of tea party/conservatism in a swing state that went Obama in 2008 is a good sign [...]

How to repair your air conditioner and save a few bucks.

While this post is only applicable to a small subset of scenarios, you may find a nugget of information in here that could save you several hundred dollars of repair cost. As has been the case in the last several post, this communication began in our regularly scheduled weekly meeting, and carried over into the [...]

Viewing Venus transit

June 5th of this year, Venus made it’s last transit of our lifetime (assuming you won’t live past 200). This event was viewed at our headquarters by using binoculars, reversed from normal viewing direction, and a piece of plain white paper. While this method has some drawbacks, the simplicity makes it a perfect solution for [...]

Why the iPad works poorly in enterprise environments

The Gartner Group says that “Without Proper Planning, Enterprises deploying iPads will need 300% more Wi-Fi.” Basically, due to the mobility and lower omit and receive power levels, the iPad is somewhat deaf. Due to the fact that there are no standards for implementing Wi-Fi in mobility devices, the problem is exasurbated. Best practice at [...]

Why would Apple change from 20 pin to 19 pin charging cable for the iPhone 5?

First off, the change to a 19 pin charging cable, if Apple does indeed make the change during release of the iPhone 5 would be a huge windfall of money. I suppose we can just stop there if we are looking for justification. This conversation really got started a few weeks ago when some fellows [...]

Ever seen a Jesus action figure? Or Jesus light switch!?

Well you have now. AND, it has “gliding action”! You can pick this up in Houston Tx, next time you’re there. If you have odd Jesus items, send us pictures so we can add them to our collection.

Inverted Forks on a Harley – Are they needed?

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine sent me this shot of his bike. After some banter from the others, the comment was made that the inverted forks are unique, but not needed. ——————————– WTF was I thinking. Just got back from lunch. With the wind chill it feels like 120 degrees out! Heat [...]

Car shot in Memphis, but police don’t have time to hear it…

A friend sent me this note, about a car being shot in Memphis Tn. Apparently the police don’t have time for petty crimes such as this. Here’s the note from her, along with a picture. Subject: Shot on North Parkway yesterday See the attached photo. I was driving home from work on North Parkway yesterday [...]