John Kanzius QSO w/ non evasive Cancer Treatment

Apparently, you can communicate with cancer cells on the standard calling frequency of 13.56MHz (jk) 60 Minutes aired a special last night on John Kanzius (a HAM friend) and his work on non evasive cancer treatment. It appears he may really be on to something! Not new news for ARRL members. See the Feb 08 issue of QST.

John started the design shortly after he himself was diagnosed with Leukemia. The banging of pots and pans at 4:30 a.m. signaled “inventor at work” for his wife. And here we are today…”largest research organizations in the world” are conducting and evaluating research around his concept!

In a nutshell, as I understand it, the area to be treated is injected with nanoparticles which attach themselves to the cancer cells. The area is then exposed to a specific frrequency (13.56MHz/power configuration which cooks the cells, leaving the non-cancerous cells in the surrounding area unaffected! Apparently, targeting the nanotubes on cancer cells is trickier than we’d like. One thing they have to overcome is that the designed “seeker” molecule will also target normal cells in tissue. Now that’s a GigaWidget! Keep at it John!

Are you using QRP levels? SSB or FM? :)

I’m not surprised that a fellow HAM came up with this. Our hobby is full of Elmers with plenty to contribute!

A few quick links for those that want to research more on this.
John Kanzius research site

CBS spot

Good work John.

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