Car shot in Memphis, but police don’t have time to hear it…

A friend sent me this note, about a car being shot in Memphis Tn. Apparently the police don’t have time for petty crimes such as this.
Here’s the note from her, along with a picture.

Car with bullet hole

Subject: Shot on North Parkway yesterday
See the attached photo. I was driving home from work on North Parkway yesterday evening around 5:20-5:25 and my car was shot. It happened between Ayers and Bellevue. As soon as I heard it hit the car, I looked back and saw several young men standing in the front yard of a house. I thought they were throwing rocks. When I got home, I looked and saw that it was a bullet hole. I called the Memphis police and he said that they would probably not investigate and it would be listed as “vandalism”, but he did go ahead and write up a police report in case I wanted my insurance company to help pay for the repair. I¹m fine, just a little shaken and surprised that the Memphis police force is stretched so thin that people shooting cars is considered vandalism. Be careful out there!

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