Inverted Forks on a Harley – Are they needed?

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine sent me this shot of his bike. After some banter from the others, the comment was made that the inverted forks are unique, but not needed.

Harley with inverted forks

WTF was I thinking. Just got back from lunch. With the wind chill it feels like 120 degrees out!

Heat index, not windchill

It was a joke “little Edith”

Were you not able to find chrome fenders or seats ?

With an additional few hundred lbs of chrome removed and/or powder coated flat black that bike might start to look good.

I does need chrome brake calipers. Thinking about putting a set of apes on it.

Its bone stock except the seat and exhaust. I have added nothing.

You should show a tiny bit of respect. When is the last time you have seen inverted forks on a Harley? Answer: you haven’t. this is the first.

Harley with inverted fork

This Harley has a real inverted fork on it! LOL.

Somehow I knew that was coming


You must be busy today!

I”m basically done, just policing this list for a few more minutes

If I wanted to start a fight, I might point out that my traditional oriented forks, with the benefit of modern technological advances in materials and design, probably apply less un-sprung weight to the front end of my bike than those shiny bastards do to yours.

That’s pretty damn good looking, I’m holding out for a touring model

It’s no fight. I can get more ladies on mine. I win.

Let’s remember what’s important here. I have the fastest bike.
As you were.

Yes, traditionally ladies do tend to go for form over function. I guess that is one reason why The US is now ranked 26th in math.

Why me

I’ll see your bike, and raise you a plane… That’s right, I can fly bitches!

True. You win. I had a 02’ GSXR 1000 before.

Jump out of your plane and prove it

Lets just remember what’s important here: I have the fastest bike that doesn’t feel like its going to fly apart over 30 mph.

Actually Edith’s bike will smoke yours. And mine doesn’t feel like its going to fall apart at any speed.

For once that was not a dig on Harley, have you ridden Ed’s bike? I wouldn’t be willing to ride it at over 40 mph. I had only given minimal thought to yours, but since it weighs three times as much as mine, has twice as much engine, is air cooled, has one or two less gears, is unfaired, and is traditionally geared for torque not HP… I was thinking that I probably have a higher top end, but only marginally.

This, on the other hand is a dig on Harley, or rather the small neighborhood Harley shop…

Just about a year ago, I brought my bike over to the bike shop in my neighborhood. Even though they are Harley centric, I figured they could mount and balance 2 tires, right? wrong! As far as I could tell they used the wrong size master link when putting my chain back on after remounting the rear tire, the pin/rivet was significantly smaller than the ID of the bushing. I had been noticing some weird wear on my chain, it turned out all the wear was in the master link, when the master was between the sprockets the chain was way too loose, if the chain was on the far/outside of one of the sprockets the travel was a little on the snug side. You can see in the pic below where the undersized pin warbled out the bushing (yellow arrow) on one side, and completely obliterated the bushing on the other (green arrow) causing the roller to completely fall free.

So, now $150 and a week on the stands later, I have a new shiny new chain on my cycle (see below) and a nearly new (about 3k miles) chain that I can’t use because what will be left after I grind out and dispose of the damaged links and the ones holding them, it will be 5 links too short for my bike. Woot! Go local business!

Anyone have something with a short swingarm that could use a 525 o-ring chain with about 105 links?


That is all

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