Good news from Wisconsin…if you’re a Republican?!

Like our last several post, here’s some back and forth from a conversation


- Republican Gov. Scott Walker survives Recall Election.

This election has been touted as a test case for the national elections in Nov. This affirmation of tea party/conservatism in a swing state that went Obama in 2008 is a good sign for Nov.

- My fear is that the republican half of this country is divided like crazy. Many dont care for Romney. And he is the only hope that we get a republican. And not a very good one. So if our republican votes are all over the place as opposed to getting behind one man. Then we get Obama again. Don’t get me wrong you should vote for who you believe in but that is exactly what will get us Obama again. I think the Republicans are all over place and not everyone cares for Romney. Hell they are still voting for Santorum in some places and he has dropped out. I hope like hell it does not happen but we have just as good a chance of getting Obama right now as we ever have.

Signed the admittedly politically ignorant.

-Romney is a gigantic piece of crap.
1. The guy banned an entire class of weapons… And continues to say it was the right thing to do, while claiming to support the 2nd (which he has also said is ‘outdated’).

He will sign an AWB if put on his desk…. Just like he said Bush should have done.

Any politician that does not trust me with a firearm, I don’t trust with my vote.

2. He was pro-choice before he was pro-life… A perfect example of him pandering to get elected, then changing position to try to win another election.

3. He CREATED the first US State sponsored HC program that included public mandates… Now because saying he is against it will help him try to get elected, he is against it? WTF?!?!? He has ZERO credibility on the subject. How can he bash a program that was designed off if his own program? He is claiming that both it and the 2nd issue should be States rights…. Ah no, the 2nd is in the Federal Constitution… I am not sure Romney has actually read much less understood the Bill of Rights.

In debates he is going to loose his ass when the HC system is mentioned. Obama will just mention that it is exactly like the one he signed.

4. Romney is loaded…. I don’t hold that against him, but the occupy people sure as hell will. Bain Capital will haunt him. This is the ONE area I actually like Romney, he has a history of taking organizations going to crap and making them work… Still, it will be seen as a him being a bully and laying off people.

The only reasons Romney *might* get my vote is because it looks like the only judges to retire from the Supreme Court are the liberals and it would be good to get another Conservative on the bench… Of course Reagan nominated Kennedy and that did not exactly work out and I don’t see Romney as one ounce conservative. He plays fast and loose with the Constitution.

The other reason is because he is not Obama.

But in many issues Romney’s position has flipped so many times it is impossible to know where he stands and he has shown he is no against changing his position to get elected.

In other words… He is a gigantic piece of crap.

-All of this is why I say we don’t have a replacement for Obama that everyone stands behind. We have four or five out there and there for we may be fucked.

-I’ll admit…. I don’t stand behind him. He is a fucktard. In many ways he is MORE liberal than Obama and the simple fact is that Romney has been WORSE for gun rights than Obama.

-He is not my pick. I haven’t liked him since I first saw him in one of the debates. He is a shyster used car sales man at best. My point is simply that we don’t have a single person that all agree on There for our votes will be split all over the board. Therefore we get the career campaigner again! We are basically fucked for another 4!

-Currently there is no other conservative running. So we will not be all over the place. The more likely scenario is a guy like me that will vote, but only for the House, Senate and local races and just skip voting for that jackass.

Obama may win because I can’t support that jackass… But I will not be voting FOR that jackass and then have him screw me over.

-We are fucked because BOTH parties want more control and the populace as a whole is full of idiots that want a free handout.
Give a child the choice of a health meal with vegetables or ice cream and they will choose ice cream. Voters are exactly like this. The Wisconsin election many people see as a ray of hope…. But France had a moment of fiduciary responsibility and just recently said, “Thats TOO HARD….” and elected a fucking socialist.

As long as the people on handouts get to vote… They will vote for bigger handouts. The only good thing is that Dems have notoriously had higher voters on the rolls… But they don’t bother to vote. Obama was an exception since the black turnout for 18- to 24-year-old voters was at 55 percent, an 8 percent increase from 2004 and Black voter’s were up 4.9%. In 2004, the gap between white and black turnout rates was nearly seven percentage points. It was less than one percentage point four years later. And Black, Hispanic and Asian voters made up nearly a quarter of the electorate, setting a record.

So the problem is that many people showed up just to “Vote for the black guy”. Yes, some people also showed up to “Vote against the black guy” but white voters actually DECREASED in 2008 by 1.1 percent.

Still, it does not really matter who is in office…. Each party just increases the strength and power of the Govt. The OWS people were pissed at the 1% of Americans that were millionaires… Yet they didn’t seem upset that a full 50% of the congress and senate were millionaires.

-I don’t like him either, but its official, he has the delagates, he will be the republician nominee.

If you have a job, the single most important issue for you should be the repeal of the hra, obama care, it sure is for me.

I’m going to vote romney for that reason, I learned my lesson in 91, 92, my vote for Perot was a vote for clinton. Abstaining is just as dumb.


I’d love to hear your thoughts on this important presidential election coming up in 2012!

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