King Harald’s “pairing” legacy paves the way for HID’s

When King Harald “paired” Denmark, Norway and Sweden under one kingdom, he could not have imagined the legend he created for himself. Today, King Harald Bluetooth Gormson is a household name…at least his middle name is. That pairing, circa 970, firmly imprinted his page in history.

Today, Bluetooth has matured thru several iterations to the current 2.1 standard.

So what’s the Gigawidget you ask. Well as I’ve discussed with friends for years, it now looks like we (humans) will take our place as “nodes” on Personal Area Networks or PAN. Teams around the world are developing Human Interface Devices (HID) that will monitor everything from heart problems to brain activity. This is good news for a friend of mine, who’s been threatening for years to build a network “leash” for his laptop and kids, warning him of proximity or zone boundary exceptions. e.g. someone lifts my laptop bag while eating a sandwich at the airport….or little Sarah has wondered too far from her parents.

Powering implanted HID devices like this opens an entirely different conversation. Once the Gigawidget is implanted, the battery won’t last forever! While Bluetooth 2.1 has significant improvements over previous versions by reducing signaling and paring rates, 5-500 times less (Sniff Subrating), it still takes juice! Maybe some type of Electromagnetic Induction charging system can be developed. Then you could “sit” yourself closely to the charging station and re-radiate yourself until fully charged.

Prepare to be “integrated” into the network!


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  1. vlkgbdwseo
    Posted May 19, 2008 at 9:53 am | Permalink

    Good write up, thanks for the info. I’ve got a family member having this same problem, although he has destroyed his Iphone trying to fix it! I think he tried to unlock it, and ended up ruining the phone…

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