Google Quality Score – Guidelines for Quality Raters

Guidelines for Quality RatersThis has post is about Google, the unequivocal king of Gigawidgets.  This post is a first for us.  We’re naming the attached document a Gigawidget.  And with good reason.  Keep reading.

While this document has been floating around the net w/ Black Hat SEO groups for several months, only recently has it started to surface commonly on the net.

While the document is really geared for those working to “rate” quality of sites for SE’s, much good information can be gleaned for webmasters and those constructing meaningful websites.

Special attention should be paid to the sections discussing Spam Labels, Malicious content and Vital pages.  Each of these “tags” will dramatically affect the outcome of your overall Quality Score and thus impact your site/content’s ranking on Search Engines.

The document really speaks for itself, so I’ll stop here and wish you luck you research and site content development.


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