iPod extension cable for dock and other

How many of you put protective cases on your iPod, and then remove the case to use your nice Bose dock as it won’t make connections with the case on.
Here’s a solution for the “iPod case dock” problem.
Buy the following connectors, Male SMD and Female SMD and get your soldiering iron set up with a really small tip and make the following connections;
Using pinout.ru as a guide, make up the connections for left and right audio. Next make the 12V connections (pins 19 and 20) for power/charging. The iPod will send 3.3V to the dock (on pin 18), indicating it’s ready to accept power. Lastly, make up the control wires (volume up/down, track change) using the serial interface wires (pions 11, 12, and 13).
Test the interface cable for shorts and opens, then hot glue the set-up to provide some strain relief on the tiny wires.
I recommend using stranded wire for the operation, as it will flex and last longer with normal wear and tear.
Good luck w/ your new Gigawidget! Make a couple for your friends as X-mas presents!


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