3 Reasons Gigawidget Inc. fired Comcast today

First I’ll say that this decision was based entirely on customer service.  What made the decision to fire Comcast a little more difficult is that I had little complaint on the actual service.

Strike 1 – Comcast billed for work not done

When the service was first installed the TV service, the Comcast technician decided hooking up the 2nd TV was going to be too much trouble, I assume.  He made the comment to our assistant that “someone” here seemed to know alot about wiring, and they should be able to make the final connections for that TV.  He scribbled some things on a ticket and had her sign it, stating “if I hook the 2nd TV up, I’ll have to charge you for it”.  Later that day, I made my way into the attic and discovered cables to the 2nd TV were cut.  After making a new run, terminating both ends and adding a tap, the 2nd TV was up and running.  No thanks to the Comcast TV technician!

We made 2 calls to Comcast attempting to resolve this issue.  On the first call, the Comcast customer service representative stated that since the “work order” had been signed by my assistant, it was a binding document and nothing could be done.  She went on to say that she could have a manager call me back, which I requested.  The call never came.  On the second call, the entire situation was reiterated, with the exact same outcome.

Strike 2 – Hours and hours spent watching untrained tech’s troubleshoot Comcast internet

Strike 3 – Investigating service level reduction options results in cancellation

As many companies, we looked to reduce service levels with Comcast in effort to lower monthly expenses.  The call started out with request for options on the Comcast internet service.  The representative spoke some form of English, I believe it was an Ebonics variant.  She repeatedly stated there was no lower package available, other than 60$/month.   Simply not the case, according to their site.

The conversation moved to discussing reduction of the TV package, when she then paused, and with no notification,  blind transferred me to some kind of menu system.  Having my fill of her barely legible ebonics and complete lack of customer service etiquette, I was done.

At the end of this relationship, it was very clear to me that at some level, in fact multiple levels, within the Comcast organization, they just don’t care about customer service.  While I could begin to speculate that this mentality exist predominantly in the Memphis market, I have personnel experience this is not the case.

As alternative service providers continue to solidify their offerings, no doubt Comcast will reap the benefits of their customer service tactics.   Even DOCIS 3 roll-out won’t be enough to keep customers that dial 901-259-2225.

As a note, our service providers now include Direct TV for television and AT&T DSL for internet.  Both organizations have already exemplified the type of customer service we’d expect when paying hard earned money in trade for commodity services.

Note these are my opinions and perceptions, which of course translate to reality for me.

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