Night Blooming Cereus – A flower for a day

The Night Blooming Cereus, also spelled Cyrus is an interesting plant. Once a year, the plant develops blooms in early September. The blooms take about one month to mature, usually showing 5-10 blooms per plant. The blooms themselves are around 8″ across on this particular plant, but there are larger varieties. ┬áSee more on this plant in bloom, and the entire process here Documenting a Night Blooming Cyrus

cyrus in bloom

Two blooms on "Night Blooming Cyrus"

This plant was first discovered in the early 1700′s in Central and South America. Though originating in the deep jungles, these plants can in fact be grown in a wide variety of locations provided the plant has adequate water and drainage. Cuttings of the plant grow quickly and it’s not unreasonable to look for bud and bloom in the 2nd year of the plant given proper feeding.

Here is a time lapse video of the plant in bloom. The camera was set to record for two seconds every minute. Quiet interesting to see how quickly the bloom opens. Stands to reason as the bloom falls off less than 12 hours later. A short presentation for 12 months of growth isn’t it.

To see the full article on this plant check this site out. How to feed water and bloom a Night Blooming Cereus

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